Topic-based Workshops

These are all facilitated by Vivian, and look at a range of everyday issues that are often profoundly influenced by trauma experiences.

The Body Remembers: physical illness & trauma

17-18 June 2017

A workshop with Vivian Broughton

Centre for Healthy Autonomy

Psychological splitting is the primary survival impulse as a result of trauma, and this is held in the body, in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that remain in tension in order to hold the unbearable experiences of trauma out of consciousness. All traumatic experiences are experiences of the psyche and the body. The psyche splits off the trauma experience and the body is required to hold the resulting tension... for years, sometimes for a lifetime. 

During the workshop we will work with participants' personal issues to understand physical ailments as a consequence of trauma.

Love, Sex & Relationships

23-24 September

A workshop with Vivian Broughton

Centre for Healthy Autonomy

Love... what is it, and what is 'healthy' love? Am I capable of loving? How do we know we can love? Can we receive love? What is 'falling in love'? How can we understand this primary and primal emotion?

And sex... what is it?... and, again, what is 'healthy' sex? Of course we know that sex is about procreation, but our lives seem to be dominated by sex and sexuality and gender.

And then the subject of Relationships... are my relationships healthy or painful, loving or torturing, satisfying or a constant source of confusion, despair and hopelessness?


During the workshop we will work with participants' personal issued to explore and understand these topics better.

Healthy Eating: what does this mean?

4-5 November 2017

A workshop with Vivian Broughton

The Centre for Healthy Autonomy

Food is an essential need of life, but our relationship with food, how we eat, how we feel about food, how we use food... all of this comes from very early in our life.

Our relationship with food in its original form is inextricably linked with our relationship with our mother, and I have come to the conclusion that very few of us have a simple, healthy relationship with food. Many of us do not recognise the experience of hunger, primarily because we are numb to it. 


In this workshop we will explore our issues with food and eating through personal explorations of participants.

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