Friday 4th May 2018 at the Centre for Healthy Autonomy

7.30pm - 9.00. Admission Free... by ticket only, Register here.


Who am I in a Traumatising Society?

If we are going to progress as a species, find a healthy way forward for ourselves and the planet, we cannot ignore the role of trauma, particularly very early (even pre-birth) trauma, in our behaviour.


Unresolved, unspoken and unconscious trauma is at the root of all our social, political, community and family problems. It is trauma that leaves us vulnerable and dissociated; split off from our healthy aspirations, abilities and satisfying relationships. It is trauma that produces perpetrators, the likes of a Trump, and those who vote for a Trump.


We are living in a traumatised and continually traumatising society. We have to realise this, and then ask the question: Who am I in a traumatising society?


IoPT Therapy focuses on identity, and the impact of trauma on our identity. Franz Ruppert will be talking on this topic at this free lecture, which will be filmed and posted on facebook afterwards.