IoPT Introductory Courses 2019

"Resolving early trauma can permanently alter

and improve a person's whole life."

(Franz Ruppert)

About these Courses

Two questions lie at the heart of this work: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?"

These questions go to the core of our existence.. they are the basic questions of our lives. Our inability to answer them clearly can demonstrate our state of inner confusion; if we have suffered a Trauma of Identity then we are confused as to who we really are.

 "If we find a way out of our entanglements, if we are able to integrate our splits, and let our feelings flow freely with the current of life, then we are wholly alive, close to reality and close to ourselves."      

Franz Ruppert, 2013

In 2019 we have two Introductory Courses, one starting in January and the second starting in September. Each Course will consist of four 2-day modules over four months.  The course will comprise experiential personal work in a safe group setting, and some basic theoretical explanation and discussion. 

These Courses are open to anyone interested in the topic of trauma and in exploring their own personal issues.


Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) is founded on the theories and practice developed by Professor Franz Ruppert of Munich University over the past 27 years.


The IoPT theory is based on a specific understanding of trauma and the psychological splitting as the means of surviving traumatic experiences. This particularly applies to the very early stages of life and the challenge to the child of surviving within the particular context in which he or she is conceived, gestated and born. 

Course Details

The first course will be facilitated by Maria Green and Limor Regev Peretz as follows:


Module 1: 26/27 January 2019

Module 2: 23/24 February 2019

Module 3: 23/24 March 2019

Module 4: 27/28 April 2019


Cost: £695


Cancellation Policy:

Up to 23rd December 2018 50% refund is possible. After that there will be no refunds. If the course has to be cancelled you will receive a full refund.


For further information you can contact Maria.



The second course will be facilitated by Lucy Jameson on the following dates:


Module 1: 27/28 September 2019

Module 2: 12/13 October 2019

Module 3: 9/10 November 2019

Module 4: 30 November/1 December 2019


Cancellation Policy:

Up to 27th August 2019 50% refund is possible. After that there will be no refunds. If the course has to be cancelled you will receive a full refund.


For further information contact Lucy.

Please be aware of the following

-   These courses do not provide you with any formal qualification to work as a psychotherapist or counsellor.

-   If you are qualified as a professional psychotherapist or counsellor the course may count towards Continuing Professional Development, depending on your governing body's requirements.

-   Being part of one of these courses will involve emotional experiences.

The Intention Method

This is the method developed by Professor Ruppert that helps us understand our trauma biography, recognise our survival strategies and integrate the split off emotional trauma. You can find out more about the Intention Method here.

This is a video of an interview by Christine Foong Wong, talking to Vivian about embarking on the study of this work.