Healing the Trauma Trio:

Not wanted! Not Loved! Not Protected!

This event is now sold out.

Seminar with Franz Ruppert in London 4-5 May 2018 at The Centre for Healthy Autonomy

This is a unique opportunity. Franz Ruppert visited the UK for ten years from 2005, twice a year, to hep us study his theories and methods, until 2016, when he decided he wanted to travel less.


But since we opened our new Centre for Healthy Autonomy in London, Franz agreed to come and do this special seminar in our new Centre. It is unlikely that we will have Franz in London again after this so don't miss this opportunity to work with him. 

Professor Franz Ruppert is well known now for his radical work with understanding the dynamics of traumatisation, and specifically the very early traumas of the infant conceived into a less than ideal context.


These three trauma situations of not being wanted, not being loved and of not being sufficiently protected  profoundly affect who we can become as adults. 


They happen at a time in our life before we can think, before we can do anything for ourselves, and before we can cognitively remember, and so are commonly missing from our thinking about ourselves and in our therapy. They start before we are born, in the first moments of the making of our relationship with our mother, even from conception.

This event is sold out.


Places to work with Franz will be decided by ballot at the event, and those who work with Franz will be required to pay the extra cost of £100 at the event either in cash or by debit/credit card.


CPD Certificates will be available.


Cancellation Policy:

Full refund less 25% administration fee up until one month before the event. No refunds after that.